The Plan

Day 1: Wed September 1
Seattle to McDonald Provincial Park (outside Sidney BC) (29 miles of cycling)
7:30 AM Clipper to Victoria

Day 2: Thr Sept 2
Sidney BC to Old Fort Townsend State Park (36 miles, 2 ferries)
Ferry from Sidney to Anacortes depart noon, arr: 3pm
Anacortes – Keystone (34 miles)
Keystone – Port Townsend Ferry 6pm

Day 3: Fri Sept 3
Old Fort Townsend State Park to Potlatch State Park (64 miles)

Day 4: Sat Sept 4
Potlatch State Park to Twin Harbors Beach State Park (75 miles)

Day 5: Sun Sept 5
Twin Harbors Beach State Park to Cape Disappointment State Park (78 miles)

Day 6: Mon Sept 6
Cape Disappointment State Park to Fort Stevens State Park (27 miles)
Vacation Day in Astoria

Day 7: Tue Sept 7
Fort Stevens State Park to Cape Lookout State Park (87 miles)

Day 8: Wed Sept 8
Cape Lookout State Park to South Beach State Park (53 miles)

Day 9: Thr Sept 9
South Beach State Park to Jesse M. Honeyman State Park (65 miles)

Day 10: Fri Sept 10
Jesse M. Honeyman S.P. to Sunset Bay S.P. (55 miles)

Day 11: Sat Sept 11
Sunset Bay S.P. to Humbug Mt. S.P. (57 miles)

Day 12: Sun Sept 12
Humbug Mt. S.P. to Harris Beach S.P. (50 miles)

Day 13: Mon Sept 13
Harris Beach S.P. to Elk Prairie Campground (69 miles)

Day 14: Tue Sept 14
Elk Prairie Campground to Eureka KOA (46 miles)

Day 15: Wed Sept 15
Eureka to Marine Garden Club Grove (62 miles)

Day 16: Thr Sept 16
Marine Garden Club Grove to MacKerricher Beach S.P. (90 tough miles)

Day 17: Fri Sept 17
MacKerricher Beach S.P. to Machchester Beach S.P. (42 tough miles)

Day 18: Sat Sept 18
Manchester Beach to Bodega Dunes State Park (65 miles)

Day 19: Sun Sept 19
Bodega Dunes to Marin Headlands/Golden Gate National Recreational Area (46 miles)
or Samual P. Taylor State Park (40 miles)

Days 20 & 21: Mon Sept 20 & Tue Sept 21
vacation days in San Francisco

Day 22: Wed Sept 22
S.F. to Half Moon Bay State Beach (21 miles)

Day 23: Thr Sept 23
Half Moon Bay to New Brighton State Beach (55 miles)

Day 24: Fri Sept 24
New Brighton to Monterey (40 miles)

Day 25: Sat Sept 25
Vacation day in Monterey

Day 26: Sun Sept 26
Monterey to Kirk Creek Campground (60 miles)

Day 27: Mon Sept 27
Kirk Creek to Oceano Campground (93 miles)

Day 28: Tue Sept 28
Oceano to Lake Cachuma State Park (66 miles)

Day 29: Wed Sept 29
Lake Cachuma to Carpeteria State Park (36 miles)

Day 30: Thr Sept 30
Carpeteria to Leo Carrillo State Beach (48 miles)

Day 31: Fri Oct 1
Leo Carrillo to ??? hotel in Huntington Beach or Newport Beach (@75 miles)

Day 32: Sat Oct 2
H.B. or N.B to San Elijo State Beach (65 miles)

Day 33: Sun Oct 3
San Elijo to MEXICO! (45 miles)
then back to Encinitas (46 miles)

Day 34, 35: vacation in San Diego/Encinitas (Oct 4 & 5)

Day 36: Wed Oct 6
fly home & drink champagne


2 Responses to The Plan

  1. Kim and Nancy says:

    WOW – It has actually started! We are so excited for you and have been talking about your trip. We sure do appreciate your blog so that we can keep up with your adventure. Here’s to a safe ride! Love, Kim and Nancy

  2. Michelle Peterson says:

    I see from the plan of action you will be avoiding Forks. I was wondering if you’re scared of vampires? heehee.

    It looks like the beginning of your trip has been absolutely gorgeous. I hope the rest of the trip goes well for you and I am looking forward to reading about the rest of your journey.

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